Realcoco Pearl long earring P0000FFM

Realcoco Pearl long earring P0000FFM*This item is non-returnable...

WINGBLING  Fall in Love Earrings wing0055

WINGBLING  Fall in Love Earrings wing0055Country: KoreaSize: Three  Heart   earr..

WingBling Vintage Ring SET (6 Pieces)  wing0041

WingBling Vintage Ring SET (6 Pieces)  wing0041Country: KoreaSize:No. 11 to No. 14Weight: 1- 3g..

WingBling ★ Silver Needle ★ Milky Way: Milky Way Earring wing0034SI

WingBling ★ Silver Needle ★ Milky Way: Milky Way Earring wing0034SICountry: KoreaLength: about 45mmW..

WINGBLING Saint Earrings wing0051

WINGBLING Saint Earrings wing0051Country: KoreaSize:about 3cmWeight: 1gMaterials: Swarovski crystal,..

WINGBLING Tassel Earrings wing0046

WINGBLING Tassel Earrings wing0046Country: KoreaTotal length: Tassel earrings about 20mm, metal ball..

WingBling Aurora Stone / Shining Heart Ring  wing0036
HK$116.00 HK$75.00

WINGBLING Aurora Stone / Shining Heart Ring wing0036Country: KoreaSize: Free SizeWeight: 1gMaterials..

WINGBLING Betty ★ Constellation Necklace  wing0042SI, wing0043PK

WINGBLING Betty ★ Constellation Necklace  wing0042SI, wing0043PKCountry: KoreaPendant (about co..

WingBling Dream Catcher Earrings wing0037

WingBling Dream Catcher Earrings wing0037Country: KoreaLength: about 4 cmWeight: 1gMaterials: Swarov..

WingBling Love Dream Catcher V necklace wing0019

WingBling Love Dream Catcher V necklace wing0019Country: KoreaLength: 43.5cmWeight: 2gMaterial: gold..

WingBling 925 Sliver needle- goddess of  Luna earrings wing0015

WingBling 925 Sliver needle- goddess of  Luna earrings wing0015Country: KoreaSize: 13 x14 mmWei..

WingBling Joy heart earrings  wing0031SI

WingBling Joy heart earrings  wing0031SICountry: KoreaTotal length of long earring: about 7.5cm..

 4XTYLE  Five pearl twoway earring 1045100

Product Name:Five pearl twoway earringProduct Code: 1045100Material: Brass+platinum paing, cubic, pe..

 4XTYLE  Chain mink earring 1045105

Chain mink earringFluffy mink earring is lovely and  elegant.◇ Earring◇ Material: brass +  ..

 4XTYLE  Ling n Tassel earring 1043911

Ling n Tassel earringSlim ring with tassel is stylish and cute.◇ Ear clip◇ Material: brass +  p..

 4XTYLE  Love palace earring 1044282

Love palace earringLong earrings dazzling crystal is suitable for elegant lady like you.◇ Earrings◇ ..

 4XTYLE  Unbalanced circle earrings 1044876

Unbalanced circle earringsThe unbalanced circle design show your beautiful neck.◇ Earring◇ Material:..

 4XTYLE [Earrings type] Revolution heart long earrings 1044977

[Earrings type] Revolution heart long earringsHeart shape brings you lovely princess look.◇ Earrings..

4XTYLE  Bet tassel bracelet 1043765

Bet tassel braceletCool hardware buckle with tassel design makes it a simple and special bracelet.&n..

4XTYLE  Mayflower hair band 233041

flower hair bandBeautiful mayflower makes you a lovely look.◇ Hairband◇ Material: Brass+ platinum co..

4XTYLE  Miracle Purple ring 1044902

Miracle Purple ringThe miracle purple ring with pearl, brings a lovely style.◇ Ring◇ Natural pearl◇ ..

4XTYLE  Moonlight gemstone tassel bracelet 1045090

Material: Brass+platinum paing, turquoise,rose quartez, tassel√Bracelet---100% Made and designed in ..

4XTYLE  [MBC Woman pushing the carrier Sponsor] [Silver Post] Teak chain Unbalanced earrings 1044847

eak chain Unbalanced earringsChain design can brings you a special look.◇ Earrings◇ Material: 92.5 s..

4XTYLE Acting ribbon hairband 1045030

Acting ribbon hairbandThis lovely flower pattern is good for daily styling. ◇ Hairband◇ Fabric ..

4XTYLE Chelsea round leather bracelet 1045092

Chelsea round leather braceletSimple but lovely design suitable for daily look.◇ Bracelet◇ Material:..

4XTYLE cross tassel bracelet 1044958

Cross tassel braceletSimple cross buckle with metal tassel, create daily fashion look.◇ Bracelet◇ Ma..

4XTYLE Heart pearl line necklace 1045465

Heart pearl line necklaceHeart shape and pearl is match perfect and brings elegant style.◇ Necklace◇..

4XTYLE Lawrence Gemstone Ring 1044366

  92.5 Silver Lawrence gemstone rings Aventurine (Aventurine) is known as the "stone ..

4XTYLE Marble round cubic bracelet 1045044

Marble round cubic braceletThe natural pattern of marble makes each pieces an unique artwork.◇ Brace..

4XTYLE MBC Woman pushing the carrier sponsorship] ethnic cute bracelet 1044915

Ethnic cute braceletSuper cute heart pattern brings elegant style.◇ Bracelet◇ Material: brass+platin..

4XTYLE Mini Galaxy Set [Earrings + Necklace + Bracelet] 237159

Earrings + Necklace + Bracelet Set   Bling bling series of constellation with th..

4XTYLE Speech Hairpin 1045036

Speech HairpinThe beautiful stone hairpin create a fancy look.◇ Hairpin◇ Material: brass +  pla..

4XTYLE [Clip type] Revolution heart long earrings 1045270

[Clip type] Revolution heart long earringsHeart shape brings you lovely princess look.◇ Ear clip◇ Ma..

4XTYLE [For both tail ring and knuckle ring] heart line ring 232086

Heart line ringCute heart pattern decorated. It can be both tail ring and knuckle ring.◇ Ring◇ Mater..

4XTYLE [Necklace + earrings] [Silver] Soft heart set 1045227

Soft heart setThis set contains a pair of earrings and a piece of necklace, which is made of 92.5 si..

4XTYLE [Silver Post] round pick me earrings 1045076

[Silver Post] round pick me earringsUnbalanced design brings long earrings more attractive and speci..

4XTYLE [Silver] cute wave ring 231555

Cute wave ringWave shape is more lovely. it can  be both trial ring and knuckle.◇ Ring◇ Materia..

4XTYLE [Silver] emotion pearl earrings 1045469

[Silver] emotion pearl earringsLong earrings makes face looks slimmer, which make you feel elegant.◇..

4XTYLE [Stainless steel] out chain long necklace 1045160

Out chain long necklaceThis long necklace is perfect match with V cut dress, which show elegant styl..

NEW  4XTYLE  twist chiffon ponytail & bracelet-233479 [Hairband bracelet for both]

ponytail & braceletThis hairband is no longer a hairband, but also a bracelet. It will light up ..

NEW 4XTYLE Disney Mickey colorful bracelet-mickey type 233544MK

Disney Mickey colorful bracelet-Mickey typeCute Mickey mouse is well-known all over the world. Let's..

NEW 4XTYLE Disney Mickey colorful bracelet-ribbon type 233544RI

Disney Mickey colorful bracelet-Ribbon typeCute Mickey mouse is well-known all over the world. Let's..

NEW 4XTYLE Knitting ponytail-1044711
HK$139.00 HK$83.00

ponytailhand-made knitting hairband, made by colorful and special materials, gives your beautiful ha..

NEW 4XTYLE Soda ribbon hairband-1044414
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

Soda ribbon hairbandmental ribbon design is lovely and elegant. It is suitable for daily style.◇Bras..

NEW 4XTYLE [MBC Start again sponsor] herringbone bracelet 1044399
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

herringbone braceletThis item is the Korean drama<start again>collaboration. The Northern Euro..

SPUR SHOES Flats - Carrefour flower, buckle (100% Made in Korea)

SPUR shoes, Flowers are not returnable, Not all the shoe styles have the corresponding ..

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