WingBling Bella to Heart bracelet  wing0013

WingBling Bella to Heart bracelet  wing0013Country: KoreaSize: Free sizeWeight: 2gColor: PinkMa..

 WingBling Judy Heart Necklace wing0010

WingBling Judy Heart Necklace wing0010Country: KoreaLength: 39cm Weight: 2gMaterial: gold-plate..

 WingBling Sera Necklace wing0001

WingBling Sera Necklace wing0001Country: KoreaLength: 39cmWeight: 3gMaterial: gold-plated, pink gold..

WingBling 925 Silver spit - Love whisper Ⅱ Earrings wing0016

WingBling 925 Silver spit - Love whisper Ⅱ Earrings wing0016Country: KoreaLength: 4cmWeight: 1gMater..

WingBling Love Dream Catcher V necklace wing0019

WingBling Love Dream Catcher V necklace wing0019Country: KoreaLength: 43.5cmWeight: 2gMaterial: gold..

WingBling Rose collection- love whispers: snow fairy necklace wing0002

WingBling Rose collection - love whispers: snow fairy necklace wing0002Country: KoreaLength: 40.5cmW..

 4XTYLE  Chain mink earring 1045105

Chain mink earringFluffy mink earring is lovely and  elegant.◇ Earring◇ Material: brass +  ..

 4XTYLE  Ling n Tassel earring 1043911
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

Ling n Tassel earringSlim ring with tassel is stylish and cute.◇ Ear clip◇ Material: brass +  p..

 4XTYLE  Love palace earring 1044282
HK$189.00 HK$113.00

Love palace earringLong earrings dazzling crystal is suitable for elegant lady like you.◇ Earrings◇ ..

 4XTYLE  Unbalanced circle earrings 1044876
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

Unbalanced circle earringsThe unbalanced circle design show your beautiful neck.◇ Earring◇ Material:..

4XTLE Delicacies Two-way Earrings 231807

 Free surface mail !!!Please select "Pickup From Store" ,and leave “Free surface mail” on the ..

4XTYLE  Bet tassel bracelet 1043765
HK$219.00 HK$131.00

Bet tassel braceletCool hardware buckle with tassel design makes it a simple and special bracelet.&n..

4XTYLE  Everyday Simple Bracelet 1043606
HK$89.00 HK$53.00

Plain simple  rope bracelet A combination of slender silver tube and rope design.  ..

4XTYLE  Lady Pearl Earrings 1043548
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

Pearl drop earrings Series of pearl drop design can show the sense of elegance, and the drop ..

4XTYLE  Mayflower hair band 233041

flower hair bandBeautiful mayflower makes you a lovely look.◇ Hairband◇ Material: Brass+ platinum co..

4XTYLE  Miracle Purple ring 1044902
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

Miracle Purple ringThe miracle purple ring with pearl, brings a lovely style.◇ Ring◇ Natural pearl◇ ..

4XTYLE  Modern cubic long earring 1045089
HK$239.00 HK$143.00

Brands: SPURProduct Name: Modern cubic long earringProduct Code: 1045089Material: Brass+platinum pai..

4XTYLE  Moonlight gemstone tassel bracelet 1045090
HK$159.00 HK$143.00

Material: Brass+platinum paing, turquoise,rose quartez, tassel√Bracelet---100% Made and designed in ..

4XTYLE  [MBC Woman pushing the carrier Sponsor] [Silver Post] Teak chain Unbalanced earrings 1044847
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

eak chain Unbalanced earringsChain design can brings you a special look.◇ Earrings◇ Material: 92.5 s..

4XTYLE Acting ribbon hairband 1045030
HK$89.00 HK$53.00

Acting ribbon hairbandThis lovely flower pattern is good for daily styling. ◇ Hairband◇ Fabric ..

4XTYLE Chelsea round leather bracelet 1045092
HK$229.00 HK$137.00

Chelsea round leather braceletSimple but lovely design suitable for daily look.◇ Bracelet◇ Material:..

4XTYLE cross tassel bracelet 1044958
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

Cross tassel braceletSimple cross buckle with metal tassel, create daily fashion look.◇ Bracelet◇ Ma..

4XTYLE Heart pearl line necklace 1045465
HK$189.00 HK$113.00

Heart pearl line necklaceHeart shape and pearl is match perfect and brings elegant style.◇ Necklace◇..

4XTYLE Lawrence Gemstone Ring 1044366
HK$189.00 HK$113.00

  92.5 Silver Lawrence gemstone rings Aventurine (Aventurine) is known as the "stone ..

4XTYLE Marble round cubic bracelet 1045044
HK$89.00 HK$53.00

Marble round cubic braceletThe natural pattern of marble makes each pieces an unique artwork.◇ Brace..

4XTYLE MBC Woman pushing the carrier sponsorship] ethnic cute bracelet 1044915
HK$189.00 HK$113.00

Ethnic cute braceletSuper cute heart pattern brings elegant style.◇ Bracelet◇ Material: brass+platin..

4XTYLE Mini Galaxy Set [Earrings + Necklace + Bracelet] 237159

Earrings + Necklace + Bracelet Set   Bling bling series of constellation with th..

4XTYLE Speech Hairpin 1045036
HK$139.00 HK$83.00

Speech HairpinThe beautiful stone hairpin create a fancy look.◇ Hairpin◇ Material: brass +  pla..

4XTYLE [Clip type] Revolution heart long earrings 1045270
HK$139.00 HK$83.00

[Clip type] Revolution heart long earringsHeart shape brings you lovely princess look.◇ Ear clip◇ Ma..

4XTYLE [For both tail ring and knuckle ring] heart line ring 232086

Heart line ringCute heart pattern decorated. It can be both tail ring and knuckle ring.◇ Ring◇ Mater..

4XTYLE [Necklace + earrings] [Silver] Soft heart set 1045227
HK$389.00 HK$233.00

Soft heart setThis set contains a pair of earrings and a piece of necklace, which is made of 92.5 si..

4XTYLE [Silver Post] round pick me earrings 1045076
HK$139.00 HK$83.00

[Silver Post] round pick me earringsUnbalanced design brings long earrings more attractive and speci..

4XTYLE [Silver] cute wave ring 231555

Cute wave ringWave shape is more lovely. it can  be both trial ring and knuckle.◇ Ring◇ Materia..

4XTYLE [Silver] emotion pearl earrings 1045469
HK$199.00 HK$119.00

[Silver] emotion pearl earringsLong earrings makes face looks slimmer, which make you feel elegant.◇..

4XTYLE [Silver] Petit heart ear clip 232071

[Silver] Petit heart ear clipTiny heart pattern is cute and suitable for daily outfit◇ Ear Clip◇ Mat..

4XTYLE [Stainless steel] out chain long necklace 1045160
HK$169.00 HK$101.00

Out chain long necklaceThis long necklace is perfect match with V cut dress, which show elegant styl..

NEW  4XTYLE  twist chiffon ponytail & bracelet-233479 [Hairband bracelet for both]

ponytail & braceletThis hairband is no longer a hairband, but also a bracelet. It will light up ..

NEW 4XTYLE Disney Mickey colorful bracelet-mickey type 233544MK

Disney Mickey colorful bracelet-Mickey typeCute Mickey mouse is well-known all over the world. Let's..

NEW 4XTYLE Disney Mickey colorful bracelet-ribbon type 233544RI

Disney Mickey colorful bracelet-Ribbon typeCute Mickey mouse is well-known all over the world. Let's..

NEW 4XTYLE Knitting ponytail-1044711
HK$139.00 HK$83.00

ponytailhand-made knitting hairband, made by colorful and special materials, gives your beautiful ha..

NEW 4XTYLE Soda ribbon hairband-1044414
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

Soda ribbon hairbandmental ribbon design is lovely and elegant. It is suitable for daily style.◇Bras..

NEW 4XTYLE [MBC Start again sponsor] herringbone bracelet 1044399
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

herringbone braceletThis item is the Korean drama<start again>collaboration. The Northern Euro..

NEW 4XTYLE [My Love from the Star]-leather hairband-233099

leather hairbandThis hairband is made of artificial leather, which is good for casual style.◇ Artifi..

SPUR SHOES Flats - Carrefour flower, buckle (100% Made in Korea)

SPUR shoes, Flowers are not returnable, Not all the shoe styles have the corresponding ..

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