Hair ACC

4XTYLE  Mayflower hair band 233041

flower hair bandBeautiful mayflower makes you a lovely look.◇ Hairband◇ Material: Brass+ platinum co..

4XTYLE Acting ribbon hairband 1045030

Acting ribbon hairbandThis lovely flower pattern is good for daily styling. ◇ Hairband◇ Fabric ..

4XTYLE Speech Hairpin 1045036

Speech HairpinThe beautiful stone hairpin create a fancy look.◇ Hairpin◇ Material: brass +  pla..

NEW  4XTYLE  twist chiffon ponytail & bracelet-233479 [Hairband bracelet for both]

ponytail & braceletThis hairband is no longer a hairband, but also a bracelet. It will light up ..

NEW 4XTYLE Knitting ponytail-1044711
HK$139.00 HK$83.00

ponytailhand-made knitting hairband, made by colorful and special materials, gives your beautiful ha..

NEW 4XTYLE Soda ribbon hairband-1044414
HK$119.00 HK$71.00

Soda ribbon hairbandmental ribbon design is lovely and elegant. It is suitable for daily style.◇Bras..

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